Our company has its own modern machine park based on CNC lathes, multi-spindle lathe automatons and vertical and horizontal processing centres. The specialised instrumentation allows to fully use the capacities of the machines.

The technologies developed in our plant allow us to use the capacities of the machines in a more flexible manner which allows us to respond to the changing demands of the market, producing both long series as well as small series and even singular units, depending on the demands of our customers. Our qualified employees guarantee high level of service performance.

We specialise in processing of: “black”, stainless, acid-resistant steels, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, plastics.

The quality and precision of the elements made by us allows to perform even the most demanding order. The products offered by us meet the strict safety standards connected with work in difficult underground conditions of the mining sites.

All this allows to meet the expectations of the Client, also within the scope of assessment of the offered products.